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Legal information about Australian law for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, community workers, educators and legal professionals.

Checking your Visa Status


How to check what visa you hold and its conditions and expiry date and about applying for and updating your Immicard.

Immigration Legal Advice

Fact sheet

Applying for a visa is complex. Each visa has many requirements you must meet to apply for and be granted a visa.

Visa options to Australia - Overview

An overview of some visa options to Australia under the permanent humanitarian, family and skilled visa programs, plus temporary visa options.

Offshore Humanitarian Visas


How to apply for an offshore refugee or humanitarian visa

Onshore Protection visas - general information


Who can apply for a protection visa and what will happen after you make your application.

Information on how to write your statement for a protection visa application.

Translations in Arabic, Dari, Farsi and Tamil.

Key points to prepare for an interview with the Department of Home Affairs about a protection visa application.

Translations to Arabic, Dari, Farsi and Tamil.

Family Reunion visas

Refugees travelling overseas

Information about travelling overseas when on an Australian refugee or humanitarian visa.

Temporary Visas

Fact Sheet

An overview of the types of temporary visas available in Australia

Ukraine - Visa information

Information about visa options for Ukraine nationals following the invasion by Russia in February 2022.

Pathway to permanent skilled visas through work in the Aged Care industry

Visa information for Ukrainians outside Australia


The Department of Home Affairs website has information at Always check this for updates.


New Zealand citizens - Special Category visa

Information about Australian visas for New Zealand citizens and their families. There is a separate fact sheet for New Zealand citizens and Australian citizenship (click here).

Permanent visa through Aged Care work

Pathway to permanent skilled visas through work in the Aged Care industry

Cancellation of Visas


Overview of visa cancellation and ways to try to stop your visa from being cancelled.

Visa cancellation - short version.

Detailed guide about visa cancellation for people in prison who are not Australian citizens. Published by Prisoners' Legal Service Queensland.

Family Violence and Visas


Being granted permanent residency after separating from the sponsoring partner where there has been family violence, where there is a child of the relationship, or where the sponsoring partner has died.

Video fact sheet about the family violence provisions in the Migration Act 1994.

How family violence may affect a visa applicant or sponsor

    Family Law


    Legal processes for family mediation, domestic violence, separation, divorce, overseas marriages, and property settlement.


    Fact Pack

    Information on how to apply for citizenship.


    Learn about the Citizenship through songs 

    These songs and videos have information to help you prepare for the citizenship test:

    1. 'Making Law' - Law and Government (audio)
    2. 'Making Law' - Law and Government (music video)
    3. 'Citizen' - Citizen Rights (audio)
    4. 'Stand together' - National symbols and values (audio)
    5. 'All together' - History of Australian Law (audio)
    6. All together' - History of Australian Law (music video)

    These 'Word Fill' activity sheets for the songs can be used to learn key words and information for the Citizenship Test


    Information about applying for Australian citizenship.


    Citizenship for New Zealand citizens

    Fact Sheet

    Changes from 1 July 2023 have made a pathway to citizenship for New Zealand citizens in Australia holding subclass 444 Special Category Visas.

    Work rights and visas

    Information from the Fair Work Ombudsman about work rights for visa holders employed in Australia

    Check the  Fair Work Ombudsman website for more information. You can have it translated into some other  languages by  clicking the language icon at the top of the page. If the website can't help you can call the Fair Work Ombudsman's office on 13 13 94 8am to 5.30pm week days

    Community workers' resources


    Information for support workers working with our clients.

    Risk management strategies when working with clients.

    Useful information when helping clients who have lawyers.

    Lawyers doing migration work


    Information about lawyers doing migration work. 

    Covid-19 information



    Information in many languages about covid-19.



    Information about financial and visa support during Covid-19 for TPV and SHEV holders.

    For applicants and holders of permanent protection visas, TPVs and SHEVs.


    'Law Rap' - Learn law through music

    'Law Rap' Music Circles and Videos

    Learn law and life skills through drum circles. Contact

    'Folk Law' - Album of original law songs

    Folk Law' is a music CD and songbook with original songs about everyday law. The songs cover the legal system, shopping, buying cars, driving, renting, bullying, police, courts, family violence, work rights, resolving disputes, discrimination and citizenship.

    1. 'All together' - History of Australian Law (audio)
    2. All together' - History of Australian Law (music video)
    3. 'Making Law' - Law and Government (audio)
    4. 'Making Law' - Law and Government (music video)
    5. 'Making Law' Lyrics and chords
    6. 'Stand together' Music video
    7. 'Stand together' Lyrics and chords
    8. 'Law Rules'- Legal system: a song about justice and the rule of law. (audio)
    9. 'Law Rules' Lyrics and chords
    10. 'Soul shoes'- Resolving disputes (audio)
    11. 'Soul Shoes' Lyrics and chords
    12. 'Consumer Rights' - Shopping (audio)
    13. 'Consumer Rights' Lyrics and chords
    14. 'Buyer Beware' - Shopping (audio)
    15. 'Buyer Beware' Lyrics and chords
    16. 'Money Dreams' - Credit, debt, budgeting (audio)
    17. 'Money Dreams' Lyrics and chords
    18. 'Buying a car' - Shopping (audio)
    19. 'Storms' - Domestic violence (audio)
    20. 'Storms' - Domestic violence (music video)
    21. 'Storms' Lyrics and chords
    22. 'Take Care' - Bullying (audio)
    23. 'Take Care' Resources - Support Services
    24. 'Beat the Rap' - Cops, crime, Courts (music video)
    25. 'Beat the Rap' Lyrics and cords
    26. 'Landlord' - Rental Rights (audio)
    27. 'Landlord' Lyrics and chords
    28. "Work Rights' - Work (audio)
    29. 'Work Rights' Lyrics and chords
    30. 'Discrimination' - Human Rights (audio)
    31. 'Discrimination' Lyrics and chords
    32. 'Citizen' - Citizen Rights (audio)
    33. 'Citizen' Lyrics and chords
    34. 'Car cha cha' - a song about buying a new vehicle (audio)
    35. 'Car cha cha' (lyrics and chords)
    36. 'Glass Half Full' Lyrics and chords
    37. 'Drive safely' Lyrics and chord
    38. 'Peacekeeper' Video

    You can also view or download:

    1. 'Folk Law' CD cover
    2. 'Folk Law' song book, with the lyrics and cord charts to all songs

    Order a hard copy of the CD and the songbook by completing the order form and sending it by email to

    'Civics Rap' - Law and Civics Education program

    Civics Rap

    'Civics Rap' invites learners to dialogue, dance, sing, rap and reflect about civics and law, and empowers us to take responsibility and make right choices. 

    Our education resources contain general legal information, not professional legal advice on particular matters. If you need specific legal advice, see a registered migration agent or lawyer.

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