Unrepresented Asylum Seekers

Mother and childAfter March 2014, about 30,000 people seeking asylum who had arrived in Australia by boat without a valid visa were left with no legal support and representation. Nearly 3,000 of them were in Queensland.

We created the Unrepresented Asylum Seekers (UAS) project in 2014 with the aim of meeting people's need for basic legal support and providing them with opportunity for a new, safe life.

We provide free legal assistance to unrepresented asylum seekers in the following locations.


Advice sessions in our West End office or by telephone: to receive free legal advice, you can book an appointment by calling (07) 3846 9300. If you do not live in Brisbane or cannot come to our office, we can give you free telephone advice during the day.

Advice sessions in Indooroopilly Uniting Church: we also provide free legal advice at the Indooroopilly Uniting Church clinic. The clinic also assists in other matters, including form-filling and linking you to services for everyday living assistance. You do not need to book an appointment to attend this clinic, just join us between 2pm and 5pm on Thursdays at Indooroopilly Uniting Church in 74 Station Road, Indooroopilly, opposite to the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

TPV/SHEV re-application clinics: if you need assistance writing the statement for your temporary protection visa application, we can help you at our TPV/SHEV re-application clinics. These clinics take place on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm in our West End office. Appointments are essential. To book an appointment, you can call us on (07) 3846 9300.

Have a look at our education resources for information on TPV and SHEV.

You can help people seeking asylum get the protection they need. Please consider donating to the UAS project and join us in fighting the good fight!