RAILS deeply appreciates the hard work, skills and dedication of these key people and organisations who have contributed to the development of 'Civics Rap'  and related legal education over the years.

Amrita Deshpande
Contributed teaching design, movement/dance, IT, technical and artistic skills in the development of the Modules.

Bridget Fiske
Choreographer, assisted in initial development of dance moves.

Catherine Campbell
Assisted with teaching design and teaching, student mentoring and co-wrote the ‘Making Decisions’ Module.

David Crane
Assisted with music production and co-created some of the music.

‘Folk Law’ Music Album and Songbook
Created under a separate project. See acknowledgements in the ‘Folk Law’ Songbook of song co-writers and musicians in each song.

The Australian government provided funding for education programs with Milpera School, which helped to develop the Civics rap program

Griffith University Live Worm Design Studio
Did the graphic design work, coordinated by Jacqui Hancox.

John Oh
Wrote a significant part of the ‘Making Music’ Module’ - ‘Song Writing’, ‘ Making Music’ and ‘Music Production’ as part of the QUT Law School Student Clinic placement and assisted with further recordings as a volunteer afterwards.

Milpera State School staff and students
RAILS has worked since 2008 with students and staff from Milpera, an English language intensive transition school for new arrivals. Much of the material has emerged from these classes and we have learned and gained so much from our collaboration with this extraordinary school and its wonderful students and teachers.

Nicky Wynne
Worked with RAILS as a community education worker in early days with Milpera State School.

Queensland University of Technology Law School - Legal Education Clinic
Students contributed to development of some of the material: John Oh, Elly Kirkham, Ezna Rashid, Jeong Hyun (Grace) Kim, Madeleine Dinnen, Sophie Austin and Travis Johnson.

Robert Lachowicz
Developed the materials from inception.

RAILS Staff and volunteers

TAFE English Language and Literacy Service (TELLS) collaborated and supported in the ‘Folk Law’ CD project.

Yeronga State School
Students in humanities class, and staff, particularly Jacqui Botger and Ashley Wall.