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Domestic Violence – Community Dialogue 

‘Help Me!’  uses theatre to create safe ways to dialogue about domestic violence.  Through exploring the characters and family dynamics in the drama, participants get to understand domestic violence more deeply, and create and test practical ways to respond. ‘Help Me!‘ can be held as a workshop using the video and Facilitator’s Guide, or as a live ‘forum theatre’ workshop-performance. 

Help Me! First Title

‘Help Me’ Workshop Guide

‘Help Me’ video (click image above)


 Learn about everyday law through music

Folk Law


Videos of law songs from ‘Folk Law’ 

‘Making Law’ – Australia’s system of government and how laws are made and can be changed


‘First Law/All Together’ –  Australia’s first law and a snapshot of colonisation


 ‘Storms’ – what domestic violence is, and where to get help


‘Beat the Rap’ – rights and responsibilities with police and courts


‘Community Law Kit’ – Learning language and practical approaches to everyday legal problems through drama, music and story.

Learning Resource

Community Law

Family Peace’ – Learn Family Law and English language


‘Beat The Rap’ – DVD about rights, responsibilities and respect

Beat the Rap

‘Beat the Rap’ – Youth Rights DVD


Our Approach to Community Legal Education

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