Community Legal Education

We build community awareness about the law.

Access our fact sheets and other education resources here.

Community Education

We engage with a broad range of community individuals and organisations so they gain improved ability to deal with the legal system.

Worker Training

We work towards increasing the knowledge and capacity of service providers about laws and policies as they affect refugees and migrants.

In addition to our CPD program, we deliver educational sessions to community workers and pro-bono legal volunteers.


In partnership with Milpera State school, we have developed the 'Law Rap' program which uses music, role plays, and English language activities to deliver engaging legal education around the legal system, human rights, consumer law, family, relationships, violence, police, and the courts.

Legal clinic law students

We have well developed partnerships with education institutions to provide placements for legal clinic students. Each university semester, students from Griffith University and University of Queensland join us to be mentored by our caseworkers.