Cecily Slade

Cecily Slade artist Feb 14


As a child at school I was quite a successful artist, winning a number of art competitions, selling my paintings and having work commissioned by local organizations. I had my own personal art teacher and when I was 15 I was sent to a summer school at East Sydney Technical College by the Arts Council in the town in which I lived. I graduated from High School with a specialization in level 1 Art, (specifically Chinese and Japanese Art) in the top 2% of art students and was awarded a scholarship to train at Art College, which I didn’t take and a Commonwealth Scholarship to university which I did take.

At 18 I opened my own clothing factory, selling my own designs very successfully, sometimes in the thousands. At the same time I was completing a university degree externally.

After completing my degree I worked in senior marketing positions in Sydney for 2 of Australia’s major international food retailers and was not really painting for a number of years.

In the early 80s my husband and I decided to leave the corporate world behind and moved to Montville in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, there I opened my own clothing design shop which I operated until 2000.

I began painting again in 2003 and I have participated in art exhibitions and sold work in Woodgate Beach, Childers, two group exhibitions at the Martin Galleries in Nundah, Brisbane and The Nundah Art Festival.

In the last 12 months I have had work selected for the Lethbridge Gallery’s 10,000 Art Award on line and participated in the Art and Design Precincts exhibition ‘Blooms’ and also in the Nundah Festival Exhibition.

Currently I am also a yoga teacher and author, running workshops for my recently released book Transforming Ageing.

In my painting I am attempting to create a flow of energy, excitement and feeling between myself and the viewer, evoking both the energy of the environment as well as its visual content. I aim to intensely observe the subject and portray its nuances allowing stories and contexts to arise.

Cecily Slade can be contacted directly on 0405 410 801 or 32567760


2. MEDITATION. $295<

3. ENIGMA. $120<


5. AFTERNOON TEA WITH KLIMT. $250Afternoon Tea with Klimt (featuring famillr rose ceramic designs of the period) 250


Lin Stanton


Lin Stanton artist Feb 2014

As I lived on a boat for several years, most of my work as an artist has been based on my feeling of oneness with the sea. Design and colour are my true love. So incorporating these with the stimulation of the ocean is my greatest pleasure. The wondrous forms of nature and fleeting hues are an endless source of inspiration to me; I am particularly drawn to lighthouses.

Over the years I have developed my creative style covering various mediums and subject matter. I studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design which enabled me to assist in gallery curation; an exhilarating experience for me.

I have attended and taught at many workshops and won several awards during my career. Having exhibited in most States throughout Australia, I now call Brisbane my home.


Most of these paintings are for sale and she can be contacted on (07)36302145.  http://www.linstantonart.com/

RAILS support local artists.  If you are interested in any of the exhibited paintings in our premises and displayed online, please contact our artists of the month Lin Stanton 0736302145.

 1. SIMPLY SEASONAL: $600Simply Seasonal 80x40cm 6002. AT THE WATERHOLE. $900At the Waterhole 75x60cm 900

3. GEMS OF THE SEA. $450Gems of the Sea 50x40cm $450

4. ESK ISLAND. $600'Esk island' 45x60cm $600

5. THE ROCKPOOL. $600'The Rockpool' 46x 61 cm $600

 6. RED SKIES. $500'Red Skies' 40cm x 40cm mixed media $500

7. DRIFTING TIDES. $900Drifting Tides 50x75cm $900

8. A STORM BREWING. $500'A Storm Brewing'  40x40cm $500

9. MORNING MIST $250'Morning Mist' 45cm x 55cm$ 250

10. DANCING WITH CATS. $900'Dancing with Cats' 70cm x 50cm $900

11. SURF FLEET POINT. $750'Surf fleet point' 50x60cm $750

12. I WANNA BE A LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER. $750'I wanna be a lighthouse keeper' (3)  60cm x 50cm $750


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